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We would like to use this wiki space to both capture what was discussed at the November 2010 conference, and to facilitate further productive work from it. Firstly, we want to take stock of and share our 'take home' messages for the day (e.g., the importance of definitions of co-production). Secondly, we would like people to share what problems they face that could be helped by others' input, and to use this to brainstorm and develop 'co-productive' projects. Thirdly, we would like people to nominate ideas that we as a network should explore through future seminars and discussions (e.g., what theory of justice might be useful for assessing co-production?). In addition to being of use to participants (and everyone is welcome to join), we hope that some of this work will also help us develop an output and impact document for our conference which may enable us to put on more free events in the future.

This wiki is meant for people to organise and share their ideas. Please add or edit when and where you see the need - including making new pages, workspaces and links.

  1. Notes from conference - Please use the notes space to store, share and read others' notes from the day.
  2. Reflections on conference - In addition to posting reflections, we could also use this page to identify emerging themes from the conference.
  3. Academic-Practitioner Knowledge Exchange - What challenges are you facing, how could you help others face these challenges...?
  4. Ideas to develop

Thanks for helping out...

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